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After you self-exclude with GamStop, you will not be able to make stakes in any online casino in the UK for at least 6 months. However, some people keep on gambling even during self-exclusion. There are at least 5 ways of how you can do it. And one of them is to use a non-GamStop operators listed on

Information You Need to Give about Yourself

When applying for GamStop UK self-exclusion, you need to show the following information about yourself:

  • Full name
  • Title
  • Date of birth
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Post address

If you have several phone numbers or emails, you should share all the data that you used for creating gambling accounts. But what if you fail? What if you forget to indicate just one email? The GamStop team warns its clients that it might be not able to fully ban them from gambling if they fail to provide exhaustive information about themselves. There is no exact statistics on how many people use this loophole — but some definitely do.

Sign Up for a Foreign Casino

Many gambling platforms that are registered outside the UK welcome even those customers who self-excluded in GamStop. However, not all of these projects are trustworthy, so please be careful when choosing one.

After you join a foreign casino, you will be able to gamble without any limitations. If you suspect that you start developing an addiction, you can self-exclude only on this platform — but all the others will remain available for you. Alternatively, you can set your time and expenditure limits in the casino. Not all projects today offer this functionality, so you will need to find it out before signing up.

When you self-exclude through GamStop, the casino should transfer to you the remaining funds for your account. But foreign platforms might have different policies. Some might keep your funds on your balance. If you fail to come back after the self-exclusion period is over, the administration might charge you a fee. They will deduct a certain sum from your account each day, week or month that you remain inactive. Keep things under control and do not forget about your money!

Is It Ok to Keep On Gambling After Self-Exclusion?

The answer depends on why you self-excluded. If you seriously have an addiction, you should stop gambling and ask for psychological help instead.

But many people write to GamStop when they feel too emotional — for instance, after losing too much in a casino. Or they got drunk, or they split up with their partner and decided to change their lives completely, or they simply misunderstood the GamStop rules.

Unfortunately, once the organization receives your application, you will not be able to cancel it. Usually, you will be banned from gambling within 24 hours. Once the ban is over, you might need to wait for extra 24 hours to access your casino account. No matter what you do and how you plea, you will not be allowed to start making stakes and placing bets earlier.

Gamble responsibly, think twice before you act and may luck be with you!

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